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The Power of Advertising in Google

Search Engine Marketing is one of the leading ways to advertise for many types of businesses. People are on the internet 12 and 13 hours a day working, doing research, playing games, shopping, and more. The old way of using a telephone directory to look something up is no longer as powerful. Even newspapers and magazines having declining numbers in usage. Many businesses struggle to figure out the right place to capture their desired audience. They wonder do google reviews help ranking. There are several ways businesses can be seen on Google through advertising listed below.

Paid Sponsored Ads

Sponsored ads are able to be controlled the most. These work in a way to where if a consumer does not click on the ad, it does not necessarily cost the business anything. They also can pay to be ahead of their competitors if the bid is high enough for that particular keyword. This becomes a bidding war under some phrases such as attorneys, roofers, and locksmiths. Most consumers are not familiar with how this works so businesses want to take advantage of being in their face at the right time.

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Google Maps and Local Section

The Google maps and local section bullet points businesses nearby based on what a consumer searched for. Businesses are able to claim their listing and populate more information about themselves. They are also able to have customers review them and give them a 1-5 star rating. This is helpful for other consumers to know what type of business they are dealing with. These google reviews do not necessarily help rankings but they do help generate more business because of the activity on their listing. The Google Maps section ranks businesses higher that are closer to the consumer’s proximity to their search.

Google Organic Section

Google’s organic section appears below the map listings. Websites rank in this based off of the content of the site. If the user searches for certain keywords and these are relevant to a website, Google’s search engine crawls the web and gives the user back the results they searched for.

All search engines on the web are becoming more powerful. This is a key way to advertise for many businesses. It is also an affordable way to advertise as in most cases you can set the budget. More information is available on this by doing a search for Google Advertising.

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